Kinema Club V

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 to Saturday, June 25, 2005
City and State: 
Tokyo, Japan
Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto (New York University), Abé Mark Nornes (University of Michigan)

Organizing Committee: Yamamoto Naoki (co-chair, Meiji Gakuin University), Michael Arnold (co-chair, University of Michigan), Han Yen-Li (University of Kyoto), Misono Ryoko (University of Tokyo), Imai Katsumi (New York University), Shimura Miyoko (Waseda University), Tomoda Yoshiyuki (Ritsumeikan University)


Wednesday (6/22):

Tour of the National Film Center

Thursday (6/23):

9:30~5:30: Panels (All panels are at Athénée Français, 4th fl.)
6:30: Koryukai (Toridori in Ochanomizu, 3,000 yen)

Friday (6/24):

9:30~5:30: Panels
Evening: Roundtable: Oshii Mamoru and the Politics of Animélity, with Oshii Mamoru, Ueno Toshiya and Thomas Lamarre

Saturday (6/25):

Film Screenings at Japan Foundation & Athénée
Special Screening Athénée: Dangerous Hero, with discussion lead by Anne McKnight and Kimata Kimihiko

Sunday (6/26):

Film Screenings at Japan Foundation
Afternoon: Rey Chow Keynote Speech: “The Filmic Staging of a Geotemporal Politics: Kurosawa Akira’s No Regrets for Our Youth”
Evening: Closing Reception at Japan Foundation

Registration Fee / Kaihi: Professors: 3,500 / Students & Part-timers 2,500

  • Includes conference panels, Rey Chow keynote speech & Sunday Koryukai
  • Spectators must pay kaihi and wear badge at all times
  • Payable on-site at registration—your badge is your proof of payment
  • Films: Separate Admission (Athénée admission discount with conference badge)
  • Thursday Koryukai: separate 3,000 (food and nomi-hodai for two hours)

IMPORTANT: Conference packets are not provided. Please print the PDF packet/schedule and bring it with you.

Kinema Club V is made possible with the generous collaboration of the Japan Foundation and Athénée Français Cultural Center.