The new Kinema Club website

September 1, 2013

Kinema Club, the website devoted to the study of Japanese moving image media, is moving! The preliminary version of the new site is already up with a new address:

Thanks to the great support of Maureen Donovan, Kinema Club has been housed at Ohio State University since its inception in 1995. But with many of the main supporters elsewhere, it was felt that Kinema Club should move to a location that can offer more permanent support. With the help of the Council on East Asian Studies, the new location is now Yale University.

Given the issues at OSU, Kinema Club has largely been dormant over the last few years. With the new site, we envision a renewed and active Kinema Club functioning as a site for information and new work on Japanese cinema and other media. In particular, Kinema Club will begin to function in part as a peer-reviewed electronic publication allowing scholars to present new ideas. Here are some of the new and old functions:

Research: Kinema Club will now publish peer-reviewed conference reports and research and film notes. We envision presenting kinds of work that are not well-accommodated by existing journals, or that are designed to encourage discussion, not present final conclusions.

Resources: As before, Kinema Club will offer bibliographies, guides to online articles, tables of contents and other information valuable to the study of Japanese cinema.

Education: Kinema Club will continue to present sample syllabi and other information beneficial to education in Japanese moving image media

Conferences: As an organization Kinema Club continues to hold annual conferences and workshops. The website will offer the most up-to-date information on those events.

KineJapan:  The mailing list run by Kinema Club remains a vibrant space for discussing Japanese film. The new website offers a quick guide on how to participate on KineJapan.

To support these activities, an editorial collective of mostly up-and-coming scholars has been assembled:

As the new site gets going, we encourage your suggestions and submissions.

In the coming weeks, the old Kinema Club website will be taken down, so please change your bookmarks or links. We again thank Maureen for supporting us for over 18 years!


Aaron Gerow
Abé Mark Nornes
Kinema Club editors