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Welcome to the website of Kinema Club, a long-standing, international but informal group devoted to the study of Japanese moving image media. Kinema Club was started precisely to share knowledge about Japanese cinema, so this site serves both to introduce our activities, such as the KineJapan mailing list and our conferences and workshops, as well promote information and thinking about films, research, bibliography, and education.

About Kinema Club

Devoted to the study of Japanese moving image media

We started as a small, informal group of scholars sharing xeroxed copies of tables of contents for film magazines, and since starting the KineJapan list have grown to over 800 members from all over the world. Our name comes from famous Taisho era movie theaters in Tokyo and Kobe. Kinema Club and KineJapan are inclusive and open by nature. If you would like to contribute information or entirely new materials to the website, you are welcome to join in.

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  • KineJapan

    E-mail list of its kind devoted to discussions of Japanese cinema and other image media.

  • Conferences

    Kinema Club has held nearly annual conferences and workshops for over a decade in North America, Japan and Europe.

  • News

    Find the latest news about Kinema Club.

  • Research

    Copies of tables of contents of rare Japanese film journals and broad-ranging information.