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Research Notes

Kinema Club began with members sharing copies of tables of contents of rare Japanese film journals and has expanded to present original research and disseminate broad-ranging information on Japanese moving image media. This section of the website presents conference reports, research notes, notes and reviews on films, and bibliographies (including some of those tables of contents). Submissions are welcome and will be refereed by the editorial collective.

Title Author Post date
Reading Burch’s “To the Distant Observer” Markus Nornes 06/05/2013

Film Notes

This section is devoted less to film reviews than to more analytical and conceptual investigations of individual films.

Title Author Director Release Date Post date
On ‘Reflected Cinema’ (q&a) Iimura Takahiko     June 30, 2013
Olo: The Boy from Tibet Gerow, Aaron Iwasa Hisaya 06/30/2012 June 20, 2013

Tables of Contents

Kinema Club started as a group to exchange tables of contents of the major Japanese language film periodicals. Since few film periodicals in Japan are indexed, particularly older ones, this is a great way to make identity potential articles before heading off to Japan or using interlibrary loan. To find out which libraries hold runs of these periodicals, check with your reference librarian or search on WorldCat.

Periodicals Description
Iconics The international edition of the journal of the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences
Zanzo = Photogene There is one issue of this dojinshi at the University of Michigan Asia Library (PN 1993.5 .J3 Z35 ). Zanzo = Photogene, ed. Sato Tadao (Tokyo: Tokyo Daigaku Kyoyo Gakubu, Eiga Shisoshi Zeminaru, 1971).
映像学 Journal of the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences
映画テレビ技術 The MPTE provides downloadable copies of the TOC of their journal.