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Conference reports, research notes, notes and reviews on films, and bibliographies, including some of those tables of contents.

Kinema Club began with members sharing copies of tables of contents of rare Japanese film journals and has expanded to present original research and disseminate broad-ranging information on Japanese moving image media. Submissions are welcome and will be refereed by the editorial collective. Inquiries about submissions should be sent to or

Research Guides

Online information for researching Japanese cinema

Kinema Club started as a group to exchange film notes, research notes and tables of contents of the major Japanese language film periodicals.

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Kikusui Kurishima

Conference Reports

Workshops and symposia on Japanese films

Kinema Club is not the only organization that holds workshops and symposia on Japanese moving image media. We encourage thoughtful reports on such conferences—or on Kinema Club’s own meetings. Reports on themed festivals and retrospectives are also welcome.

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Kinema Club news pamphlet covers


Books published by Kinema Club members

Kinema Club is primarily an organization for networking and sharing knowledge, but it has also been a site for generating and publishing research. In addition to the reports, notes, and articles on this site, Kinema Club has also published books electronically and on paper.

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Kikusui Moroguchi

Online Articles

Finding books and periodicals

This is a collection of some of the more interesting articles on Japanese moving image media available for free on the web. The focus here is on introducing pieces from sites or journals that do not normally focus on Japanese film.

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Kinema Kan Nikoniko

Japanese Bibliography

This bibliography contains English-language books and articles about Japanese cinema. It is long, but hardly complete. Suggestions for additions are more than welcome.

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