Important Online Articles

This is a collection of some of the more interesting articles on Japanese moving image media available for free on the web. The focus here is on introducing pieces from sites or journals that do not normally focus on Japanese film (you can always check out Midnight Eye and other specialty sites via our Links page for other articles).

Article Author Website Post date
Fantasies of War and Nation in Recent Japanese Cinema Gerow, Aaron Japan Focus 06/23/2013
Love’s Layers: Oki Hiroyuki’s Inside Heart Turnock, Julie CineMagaziNet 04/13/2013
Video: The Access Media Kogawa, Tetsuo Translocal 06/30/2013

Japanese Cinema on the Net

There are hundreds if not thousands of websites that can be useful to those studying Japanese cinema. In our Research Section, we’ve listed some crucial online articles. Below are a few sites worth visiting.