Past Event: Kinema Club XXI

This event has passed.

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Kinema Club XXI

Yale University, November 4, 2023


Kinema Club XXI will be a workshop focusing on workshopping articles or dissertation chapters by up-and-coming scholars of Japanese film and media. A full 60-minutes will be devoted to each paper, which were distributed beforehand. The focus will be on discussing the paper, so authors will not read the papers out loud. Papers will be discussed in this order:

  • Rio Katayama, “Conclusion” (to the dissertation Narrating Bodies: (De) Constructing Affective Japan Through Nuclear Disasters)
  • Kenta Kato, “The Discourse of Feminization: Effeminate Characters in Japanese Cinema (1945-1969)”
  • Daryl Maude, “The Queer Gap: On Miyagi Futoshi’s American Boyfriend Project”
  • Kevin McKiernan, “The Implicated Subject and Present Perfect Cinema in Kurahara Koreyoshi’s Black Sun
  • Yuki Nakayama, “The Documentary Drive” (chapter from dissertation project The Heart of Television: The Aesthetic and Industrial History of Japanese Variety Programs)
  • Ran Wei, “The Power of Nostalgia: Materiality, Solidarity, and Resistance in the 16mm Film The Kamagasaki Cauldron War (Tsukiyo no Kamagassen, 2017)