Update: Kinema Club XVIII

Sunday, January 13, 2019

We look forward to seeing many of you at Kinema Club XVIII at Yale from February 22 to February 24, 2019. We were blessed with a lot of good film nominations and ended up selecting the following films (six features and one animated short):

  • Fukujusō (Kawate Jirō, 1935)『福寿草』(川手、1935年)
  • Flowers Have Fallen (Ishida Tamizo, 1938)『花ちりぬ(石田、1938年)
  • Madam Butterfly’s Fantasy (1940)『お蝶夫人の幻想』(1940年)
  • Gate of Flesh (Makino Masahiro, 1948)『肉体の門』(マキノ、1948年)
  • The Eternal Breasts (Tanaka Kinuyo, 1955)『乳房よ永遠なれ』(田中、1955年)
  • The Elegant Life of Mr. Everyman (Okamoto Kihachi, 1963)『江分利満氏の優雅な生活』(岡本, 1963年)
  • Lily Festival (Hamano Sachi, 2001)『百合祭』(浜野、2001年)

We have asked Kataoka Ichiro to perform the benshi, and Matsumura Makia to accompany him on piano, for the screening of Fukujuso. We will announce the panels and the daily schedule soon. Note that there may be changes to the above screening list.

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