Call for Proposals: Kinema Club XIX A2—20 Years On

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Place: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Dates: November 1-3, 2019
Deadline for Proposals: June 30, 2019
Organizer: Markus Nornes (

In 1999, Kinema Club members met in Ann Arbor for their first gathering to talk about how Japanese film studies developed, where it was, and where we should aim for moving forward. This fall we will meet once again to take stock of the field 20 years on and discuss our bright future. In the spirit of the original Kinema Club, we will discuss our past precisely to forge a collective path ahead.

  1. Silence=Sound (Michael Raine & Daisuke Miyao)
  2. Theories Histories (Aaron Gerow)
  3. Media+ (Stephanie DeBoer & Yuki Nakayama)
  4. Animating (Christine Marran & Tom Lamarre)
  5. Imperium (Kate Taylor-Jones & Irhe Sohn)
  6. Embodied ⚧Desired (Jennifer Coates & Sharon Hayashi)
  7. Possible Futures→[and Pedagogies] (Alex Zahlten & Chika Kinoshita)
  8. 〆:Onward (Anne McKnight & Markus Nornes)

XIX A2 will take a novel form based entirely on discussion.There will be no papers delivered. We invite phantom papers, proposals for topics of discussion under the rubrics above and led by the listed scholars.

While there will be no presentations or speeches allowed; this Kinema Club will be a precious opportunity for dialogue. The discussions will last 90 minutes, will be consecutive and not simultaneous. They will be kickstarted by free-format, pre-circulated position papers, whichmay be listed on people’s CVs as any other conference paper. These will be collected three weeks before the gathering, and can be of any length. Two weeks before, we will distribute the entire collection. At UM, discussions will be led by the colleagues above, but everyone will freely participate. Again, no presentations allowed.

Additionally, we are soliciting two graduate studentsto act as social media secretaries and blog the discussions as we go along. They will be paid for their efforts. Contact Markus if you are interested in this role.

Please send a proposal to Markus Nornes (, with a position paper title and a short, one-paragraph abstract that proposes a topic of discussion by June 30, 2019.